Buildings Beyond Objects

Architecture is contingent upon forces over which it has no control. This is not a remarkable statement; but it is one worth reminding ourselves of.

This contingency is not a binary opposition — architecture imposing itself upon the world, or: there is what the architect does and there is the world in which he does it in. There is the world and the world only.

The world is a world of forces in play. Architecture is already subject to those forces, and in become real (which is to say not virtual; which is to say real, but not actual) it enters into an assemblage of networks and is thus never a singularity in binary or polar opposition, but always part of a contingent realm of becomings.

This sounds quite theoretical. But it isn’t. It is very practical indeed, for it involves thinking about buildings beyond objects and starts to consider them more like machines. Machines that do things, create things and put forces into play......

Something that the profession would do well to continue to remember.